Electrical & Controls Training

Do not think of what it costs to train your employees in customer service – think what it cost “NOT” to train them. What sets us apart is the hands-on training for hands-on workers, online training is for economics and convenience, not recommended for tradesfolk. Refresher and engineering courses may be taken online.
               Simulators are not the same as flying! …. Flt Lt. Sam Lorem Ipsum (semi-retired)

Kindly click on the course you want to enrol in and select the number of students that will be enrolling and pay for the course to get registered. For students above 10 please contact (victor-at-sonsucontrolsdotcom)
ALL OUR COURSES ARE AVAILABLE ON-SITE (virtual only upon customer request)

Training skid Front

Three Phase and Simulated Three Phase Non contact and De-Energized troubleshooting

Training Skid Rear

Complex Lockout-Tagout, Absence of Voltage Testing Three Phase Low Voltage


Training programs currently offered
(US$600/student/day based on 6 students)
 (Price is higher per students for fewer students, lower for more students per session. Lowest rates for advance payment via paypal, cc or zelle here below. Please book via calling/emailing to reserve dates first, then pay online). Skid transportation costs and remote onsite classes require $1500 advance. Class hosting costs at Shermco Texas require $13000 advance. Variables with actual difference payable separately less advance adjusted at completion. No extra for online versions.

1. Linesman training for MV/HV (our instructor John Ceresa is ex FPL linesman, superintendent) – one day
2. High-resolution Infrared training (Cary Weaver is a certified Thermography instructor) – one or two days depending upon level of IR certification
3. Cable splicing HV/MV (Kevin Fattal, John Ceresa) – one day

4. Non-contact troubleshooting for Qualified Electrical Workers –  3 phase hands on practical based. (Sam Pherwani/Tony Bedford) – one day
5. Substation QEW training (2 day – one theory, one practical) – Sam/Kevin/Tony
6. Electrical, P&ID print reading for operations, two days – Sam/Tony/Kevin
7. Hazardous Locations per NEC 500/NEC 505/CEC/ATEX/IECEx, 2 days – Sam Pherwani
8. Complex Lockout/Tagout on a three phase skid with valve, air and process devices, one day – David castro
9. Controls & Instrumentation, motors, drives and UPS systems for Water/Wastewater processes – 3 days, Tony Bedford
10. ESQEW 70E for US 3 day with labs, absence of voltage practicals LV, add extra day for MV – Sam, Tony
11. ESQEW 70E for Latin America 3 day with labs, absence of voltage practicals LV, add extra day for MV – David, Jose
12. ESQEW CSAZ462 for Canada 3 day with labs, absence of voltage practicals LV, add extra day for MV – Tony
13. ESQEW NFPA70E in Portugese for Brazil 3 day with labs, absence of voltage practicals LV, add extra day for MV – Jose, Luis
14. ESQEW CSA Z462 in French for Canada 3 day avec labs, absence du voltage LV, add extra day for MV – Tony, Alexia Furtado
15. NFPA 70E/CSAZ462 Electrical Safety refresher for Managers/Operators/System Owners – One day – Tony
16. Wind-turbine technician electrical orientation program 2 days – David
17. 34.5kV collector systems for Wind and Solar farms 2 days – Sam
18. HVAC energy conservation and optimization 2 days – Sam
19. BESS systems technology and the Lithium Ion energy quandary one day – Sam